Things to know

Assumption of risk


The owner of the animal visiting FLAIR acknowledges that FLAIR employees are not veterinarians and cannot be held responsible of the detection or diagnosis of illnesses or health problems that could arise during the animal’s stay at FLAIR. 


The owner of the animal also acknowledges that vaccines, although effective in most cases, do not provide animals with complete protection against contagious diseases.


FLAIR  acts diligently and professionally when providing services to animals in their custody, but cannot avoid accidents or injuries that may occur in the ordinary course of a stay and during periods of free play in groups.


Therefore, by entrusting your animal to FLAIR , the animal’s owner recognizes and assumes the risks of diseases or injuries that may happen to their animal and also accepts liability of any damage caused to the company’s goods or injuries caused by their animal to another in-boarding animal.



Reservation and cancellation policy


Boarding stays are payable for 50% of the value of the stay upon reservation. The remaining 50% must be paid upon the animal’s arrival for his stay.


Any cancellation of stay will be fully reimbursed on the condition that it is signalled at least one month ahead of the stay. After this deadline, the full deposit will be retained by FLAIR.



Arrival and departure policy


Recommended hours for the arrival are from 8am to 10am and 3pm to 4pm.  Departure of animals are from 8am to 5pm during week-end and 8am to 6p during the week.


There will be no refund for an overnight stay that was already paid if the animal was picked up in the afternoon.


In the event that an animal is picked up after 6pm – the day after the scheduled departure – FLAIR is under the obligation to charge a full boarding day rate to the client-owner.



Mandatory vaccination policy




1.Dogs (male and female) aged 6 months and older must be sterilized.


2.The following vaccines are required and should be updated: Bordetella, Rabies, DHPPV (Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza).




1.Cats (male and female) aged 6 months and older must be sterilized.


2.The following vaccines are required and should be updated: Rabies, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia, Herpes virus, rhinotracheitis and FeLV (feline leukemia).





No vaccination is needed for birds and small mammals. However, they must be admitted with no obvious pathology or doubts on the state of their health.


If the staff has doubts on the animal’s health during his stay, the staff is under the obligation to consult a veterinary in order to validate the animal’s health state.


Small mammals are characterized by their proneness to a fragile health that can deteriorate dramatically in a very short period of time and which can also lead to death. Fees related to veterinary treatments will have to be paid by the animal’s owner.



About parasites


FLAIR suggests that future residents be examined to undergo tests for internal and external parasites at least 30 days before admission (i.e. worms and fleas), and that they follow a prevention program recommended by their veterinary.


If the presence of external parasites is detected on a resident, veterinary-recommended treatment (if possible, the treatment of the owner of the infected animal or the one chosen by FLAIR) will be immediately given, and this, at the animal owner’s expense.


If internal parasites are found in the animal, it will be kept away from other residents and appropriate care will be given to him, at the owner’s expense. The care that is provided is chosen by consulted veterinaries.



Emergency in case of an accident policy


In the event of an urgent situation, the owner of the sick or injured animal (or the emergency contact person) will be quickly contacted.


Attempts to contact the animal’s owner or the person responsible will be made consistently until FLAIR staff members are able to describe the status of the situation to those concerned.


Failure to contact the people responsible for the animal will not prevent the limitation of suffering or the monitoring of the situation so that the animal can maintain an optimal quality of life.


In the event where owners or the emergency contact person cannot be reached in any way within reasonable time limits depending on the depth of the situation, FLAIR will lend its full efforts to minimize the pain and to monitor the situation by getting the animal to the nearest veterinary clinic. FLAIR will also grant the necessary treatments to control the suffering or to monitor the urgent situation.


Please note that the client’s veterinary is prioritized. If unable to contact the client’s veterinary, FLAIR’s veterinary will be contacted.





In any case, fees for urgent consultation and travel expenditures will be charged to the client-owner.



The following situations may result in extra fees :


  • Medication – $ 2.00 per medication per day
  • Geriatric care – Minimum of $ 2.00 per day and more depending on staff overload.
  • Specific care for puppies 4 months and under – $ 5.00 minimum per day and + depending on staff overload.
  • Distribution of raw food.
  • Dogs showing signs of discomfort to staff and / or their buddies – $ 5.00 per day or as per staff requirement.
  • Others to be discussed.

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