Recreational Dog Boarding

FLAIR meets the needs of owners and their dogs by providing pet-sitting services on a daily basis or for one or two night stays.


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Recreational Cat Boarding

In addition to having stimulating enclosures, FLAIR also created a paradise for cats where everything is all under one place to satisfy their specific needs.

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Recreational boarding for small animals

At FLAIR, exotic animals are not left out. We welcome rabbits, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, mice, hamsters, parrots of all sizes and domestic birds.


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Flair Concept 

Animal Inc.



Flair Concept Animal Inc. is a center for stays, training, grooming as well as a pet store. Flair offers a global and personalized approach, combining the physical, psychological and nutritional aspects of the animal. Flair Concept Animal exists to facilitate animal welfare and its relationship with humans.

Flair offers an environment adapted to the needs depending on the individual and the species. In boarding, the animals live a variety of activities adapted to racial skills. They have a stimulating schedule and sensational challenges. They will live a memorable stay and will be impatient to return!


WARNING !!! While Toutou is on vacation, we care about his happiness and not his smells or the condition of his coat. You can rest assured that by playing 5 hours a day with canine buddies, the hairs become tangled and take on odors that we humans, often qualify as foul-smelling. To avoid this suplice, you can request a full bath or grooming at the end of the stay and if your dog has a coat subject to the formation of knots, you can request a daily detangling. Ask the staff for the prices related to these services.



Competent staff with diversified training in animal behavior (cats, dogs, exotic); In training of different dog disciplines; In grooming; Training of first responders for pets level 1, 2 and 3; Training in methods of handling cash for care; And many more to come since we are passionate about continuing education!

Fair pricing for the best possible care, the well-being of staff and healthy business development.


A healthy, clean and hygienic environment, well ventilated, heated and air conditioned, decorated to date and comforting for your favorite companion. WARNING ! At Flair, the emphasis is not on the luxury of the facilities but on the luxury of expertise and the implementation of effective and essential means for the safety, comfort and happiness of all our guests.


An obvious passion for animals. By meeting us, you will be convinced of the love and passion of the whole FLAIR team for your animals and will leave in the greatest peace of mind.


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