Recreational Cat Boarding

Discover FLAIR’s fine and recreational cat boarding

In addition to having stimulating enclosures, FLAIR also created a paradise for cats where everything is all under one place to satisfy their specific needs. For at least 1 hour a day, Kitty will become a real feline. He will be able to climb, crawl, hide, jump, keep his balance, and sharpen his claws or simply loll around. Kitty will be left will unforgettable memories.




  • Physical activity in a feline gym for a minimum of one hour
  • Daily cuddling sessions
  • Adapted and stimulating feeding method for cats only, of course!

Is one day simply not enough? FLAIR offers several “catty” overnight stays for your favourite feline companion.

Our Rates

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  • 2 hours of feline gym time / day

$24.99/day 24 hours


    19.99$ additional cat in the same suite

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