About Flair Concept Animal



  • To offer pet owners a place where they can find products and services essential to their pet’s health and optimal development both on a physical and psychological level.
  • To offer a safe and stimulating environment in which acquiring new skills by playing and collaborating with other animals is part of their daily life.
  • To allow species and breeds to fully develop their particular skills.  


The company’s philosophy is based on the principle that each Being deserves the utmost RESPECT. At FLAIR, respect is expressed through the devotion and helpful attitude of the staff towards our customers, both animals and humans.


Care and first-aid

At FLAIR, manipulations are carried out in a calm, collected and patient manner which encourages animals to cooperate in the course of providing them with care.

Staff members are actually qualified to give medication and know how to intervene when dealing with unstable animals.

FLAIR professionals have also received training as first responders for domestic animals. This type of training allows us to ensure optimal intervention when waiting for expert intervention.

Daily care is provided from 8am to 10pm and there is always someone on the premises 20 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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