We can help you


Your dog’s behavior is problematic for you

or do you want to warn them?

He barks for anything, is destructive, jumps on people, does not listen to you, is unable to keep calm, cannot live without you, runs away, flies … in short, the situation worries you, or even exasperates you.


Before it drives you crazy, creates conflicts between you and your pet or even within your family, you must act.


Maintain peace of mind.


Let us help you find harmony.


Our Method

  • We use
    your dog’s motivation or voluntary collaboration
  • To modify his behavior

    or to teach him new ones

  • Solutions that hold

    account of your reality

  • No painless and fearless

    in the pleasure of learning

  • A personalized approach for

    support you in his education

  • Easy to apply techniques

    in application in your daily life

We will teach you how to teach it self-control.
A dog who can control his emotions and think for himself is a fulfilling companion.

We will share with you our expertise in group games and inter-canine relationships.
Your outings to the dog park will be much safer and more enjoyable.

Please note that some issues may require more complex protocols.
Do not hesitate to contact us for information.

Home services 

Initial Consultation

for a period of

1 hour 30 min


Unit Consultation

after the initial consultation



Rates at Our Center

Initial Consultation

For a peroid of

1 hour 30 min


Unit Consultation

after the inital consultation



Package Avialable

dFor a peroid of 

3 hours to  5 hours


Package Available 

For a peroid of 

6 hours and +


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