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Discover FLAIR’s lively and recreational dog boarding



FLAIR meets the needs of owners and their dogs by providing pet-sitting services on a daily basis or for one or two night stays. During the master’s absence (for work-related reasons or others), the dog won’t be confined to a cage and will actually see his needs for socializing, intellectual stimulation and energy expenditure fulfilled.

His private space (available with the Restful-Lively-Ecstatic package):


Each enclosure has a zen-like atmosphere and decor, and is equipped with a Kuranda bed that’s renowned for its comfort. A storage cabinet is also put at your disposal so you can leave Pooch’s baggage.


FLAIR packages cultivate the recognized virtues of music therapy and aromatherapy in order to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.




Activities planned during the stays for the Lively and Ecstatic packages:


Search for objects that engage the senses of smell and sight, development of new skills using the clicker method, fetch of objects, run, Nina Ottosson learning games and much more!


With the permission of its owners, Pooch can … (exclusive to Restful-Lively-Ecstatic packages)



  • 1. Treat himself to peanut-butter filled toys


  • 2. Clean his teeth and strengthen his jaw with leather and/or nylon bones (a little extra fee may apply – See our essential Vacation Packages)


  • 3. Stimulate his neurons while enjoying his usual meal with our puzzle nuggets dispenser


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